What is cranial osteopathy?

Perhaps one of the gentlest therapies you may ever find, cranial osteopathy is ideal for babies, the elderly, pregnant women, acute and chronic recurring injuries.

It is used to treat the whole body, and although very gentle, it is extremely powerful and often produces a profound effect.

iStock_000002413884XSmallMovement is life.  Every cell in our bodies moves to a multiple of different rhythms.  One of these is the primary respiratory rhythm.  This leads to subtle cyclical shape changes in the body.

When all is well, the body moves freely with these changes. When illness or injuries occur, the rhythm is altered, restrictions develop in the body and pain can manifest.

The body’s homeostatic (self regulatory/self healing) mechanisms are always trying to restore the body to a point of health or balance.  With cranial osteopathy the practitioner is able to support the body in these efforts by influencing the body’s response to primary respiration.  Restoring normal ease of movement to the structure helps to restore its function and aids the body’s return to health.

iStock_000005404187XSmallSome of the conditions cranial osteopathy is used to treat include chronic injuries, resolution of post meningitis symptoms, past head traumas, TMJ (jaw) problems, falls onto the tailbone, post concussion syndrome, dizziness and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Cranial osteopathy is also useful for treating acute injuries where the patient finds conventional manipulation too painful. Because it is so gentle it is great for frail patients, infants and children, pregnant women and the elderly.

For sports people it offers fine tuning and balancing that can help prevent injuries and enhance performance.  It is also often the answer for resolving chronic and recurring injuries.