by Anita Seiz, Pilates Specialist and Movement Analyst


Does it feel like too much sitting is having an effect on you?  

Slouching creates bodily stagnation and compression:

our hips and sacrum get locked up

our pelvic diaphragm lacks mobility 

the organs and tissues of the pelvis are put under pressure (including our blood, lymph and nerves)

the weight of our shoulders and ribs compresses the abdominal diaphragm

the relationship between our abdominal and pelvic diaphragms is out of sync

our breathing is shallow (thoracic breathing)

we receive less oxygenation

our organs do not receive the massage that diaphragmatic breathing brings

venous and lymphatic drainage is compromised leading to a build up of toxins

forward head posture creates pressure on your spine – muscles ache 

Pilates is a whole body movement practice that increases the flow in our bodily systems with the aim of restoring posture and function.  

I use the Laban Movement Analysis framework to structure my private sessions to suit your needs and help accomplish your goals.  The four major themes of Movement Analysis are:







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